Who is eligible to participate?
Any member of the CalArts community including current students, faculty, staff, and alumni can attend workshops, lectures, and HIVE events. Santa Clarita community members are also welcome to attend our workshops and events. 

Only CalArts students and alumni 0-5 years out are eligible to participate in the Draper Competition for Creative Innovators and HIVE Summer Program.

Can I pitch with my friends?
Participants can pitch both as individual artists or artist teams. Teams should have no more than 3 people and teams are fully responsible for picking team members, managing team dynamics, and allocating tasks among the group.

What’s the program culture?
You and your team are responsible for managing yourselves and your time (if you are planning to participate as an individual, the same goes for you). The more time you put in, the more you will get out of the program. All ideas shared in this program are open and participants need to keep in mind that sharing confidential information or trade secrets is not advisable, but you should be open to sharing ideas, accepting feedback, and being generous to fellow participants. Setting aside regular time to work on your idea, ask questions, and give and receive feedback is an important part of developing your business idea and teams are encouraged to meet on a regular basis. You are also welcome to meet with the Director of Career Services to talk through your idea and pitch content.

What is the time commitment?
The short answer, is the time commitment is determined by the ambition of the participants. The HIVE is designed so that you can pick and choose which workshops suit your process for building out your business, product, or enterprise idea. Our hope is that you will attend all workshop offerings throughout the academic year so that you will be best prepared to pitch in the competition. Given the amount of workshop content available, you might dedicate anywhere from 4-8 hours a week on average both to attend workshops and work on your enterprise idea. Workshops are offered between October and April of the 2016-2017 academic year. Please see the calendar to view the full schedule.

What happens if I can’t attend some of the workshops?
You are expected to attend as many of the sessions as you can. When you choose to let us know of your interest in pitching in the final competition, you will complete and submit an online application form and we will compare your attendance with the other participants in the program to determine who is eligible to pitch. In other words, if you only attended two workshops, and another participant attended eight, priority will be given to those who attended more workshops. The workshops are cumulative and scaffolded to give you an in-depth understanding of how to build your enterprise idea, so the more you attend, the better.

What teaching methodology will be used?
CalArts Career Services professionals have researched and developed a workshop curriculum that builds off of various entrepreneurship methodologies including the Lean StartUp method, adapted coursework from the Santa Clarita Valley Small Business Development Center (SBDC), General Assembly, and other entrepreneurship experts. We’ve additionally invited top professionals in the field of Design Thinking to adapt their curriculum for the CalArts community. Feel free to refer to instructor bios to learn more about our instructional team. In general the teaching style will be experiential, iterative, and chaotic, much like a startup business environment.

How do I participate in the Draper Competition for Creative Innovators?
To participate in the pitch competition you must be a student or alumni 0-5 years out. Priority for participation in the competition will be based on your attendance of programs and workshops throughout the year. In other words, you are expected to attend as many workshops as possible. We ask that you email to express your interest in participating in the pitch as soon as possible so we can check your attendance to our programs and determine how we can get you up to speed to make sure you’re prepared to compete. Ultimately, CalArts will select who it feels is most prepared to pitch.

How much the program cost?
The program has been generously donor-funded and is therefore offered at no additional cost to you.