Welcome to the HIVE, or Hybrid Incubator for Visionary Entrepreneurs, a program designed to give CalArts students and alumni access to business and design thinking skills, while allowing them to work on an innovative business, product, or enterprise idea. Below are events that will help participants prepare for the Draper Competition for Creative Innovators. The HIVE is brought to you by the Office of the Provost and Career Services.

Please RSVP to all programs and direct any questions to hive@calarts.edu.


“I attend [HIVE] meetings as much as I can. I don’t want to graduate feeling scared or nervous, I want to be prepared and this program prepares you.”
William Shirey MFA ’17, Scenic Design
“Before this program, I had all these creative ideas, but I was just blindly reaching out in the dark. Now I have a real plan of attack; a strategy for success.”
Leonardo Krotser BFA ’10, Character Animation
“Through the Summer Program, I learned essential business skills and thought deeply about their application to worthwhile creative projects. I feel lucky to have been a part of this pilot program. These skills will definitely translate to my future artistic practices and beyond.”
Ben Finley MFA ’16, Music Performer-Composer
“I learned far more than I was expecting. This program lifted the veil off of what businesses are and how I would go about starting one. I felt immediately empowered by this new knowledge but was also fascinated by what I was learning conceptually. I feel confident to forge ahead with any new idea I might have.”
Rachel Ho BFA ’14, Experimental Animation
“This program gave me life skills that I never even realized that I was missing. I can now enter a business-minded world with confidence. It definitely opened my eyes and opened up a lot of opportunities for the future.”
Jocelyn Dimaya BFA ’17, Costume Design